Ziegelbecker remains the MTS 250 leader

Armin Rezaei wins the EinKa

The MTS 250 is slowly but surely turning into the home stretch. Yesterday, a further starting day of the event took place at the Montesino, in which € 250,000 are guaranteed in the prize pool.

126 players (48 of these came from the phase 1 tournaments) started and bought 26 re-entries. 15 participants made it through the day and qualified for day 2. Among them were also Pavel Chalupka and Dimitrios Nanos.

The chip lead of Oswin Ziegelbecker was safe, only Radovan Krmela made it over the 2 million limit of chips. After 1,820 phase 1 entries and 188 Day 1 entries, € 81,400 are now in the prize pool which is guaranteed with € 250,000.

Armin Rezaei nabs the Highroller Event

Six players were still in the race after the starting day of the EinKa. Although Jessica Teusl busted Mr. Hu first, she also had leave, as did Mandi Glatz, who became the bubble boy.

In the end, Armin Rezaei was able to prevail after a long heads-up against Bernd Markfelder and won the EinKa. The two players had already agreed on a deal beforehand and only played for the remaining prize money of € 500 and the coveted trophy.

Armin Rezaei won € 7,290, Bernd Markfelder was happy about € 6,530.

You can read about the entire action of the EinKa in our live coverage by Andreas Lettmayer.

Today it will continue from 3 pm

Today, the next MTS 250 starting days will already take place. There are starting possibilities at 3 pm at the Montesino, at 5 pm at the CCC Wien Simmering and finally at 9 pm the Turbo Heat again at the Montesino.

All photos of the final of the EinKa can be found in our photo gallery.

Result EinKa, Chip counts MTS 250

1 Rezaei Armin AUT 8680 7290
2 Markfelder Bernd AUT 5140 6530
3 Olaru George AUT 3320
Platz Familienname Vorname Land Chipcount Casino
1. Ziegelbecker Oswin AUT 2705000 Montesino
2. Krmela Radovan CZE 2195000 Montesino
3. Solymosi Szabolcs HUN 1880000 Montesino
4. Oberbucher Markus AUT 1545000 Montesino
5. Birk Max AUT 1490000 Montesino
6. Nanos Dimitrios AUT 1365000 Montesino
7. Schlacher Heinz AUT 1210000 Graz
8. Bugar Norbert SVK 1110000 Montesino
9. Amiri Imal AUT 1060000 Montesino
10. Vasiljevic Dusan SRB 1030000 Montesino
11. Haider Bernhard AUT 985000 Montesino
12. Tzitzov Beny ISR 930000 Montesino
13. Klinger Walter AUT 915000 Montesino
14. Aisov Yury AUT 885000 Montesino
15. Sunar Surinder ENG 875000 Montesino
16. Fülöp Andras Krisztian HUN 860000 Montesino
17. Laszlo Norbert HUN 855000 Montesino
18. Shcheglov Demyan AUT 850000 Montesino
19. Chrascina Jan CZE 800000 Montesino
20. Saran Bayar GER 760000 Montesino
21. Maged Aziz EGY 630000 Montesino
22. Mirvic Azer AUT 585000 Montesino
23. Kvasna Marcel SVK 580000 Montesino
24. Roushanzamir Gholamreza AUT 550000 Graz
25. Karpowicz Bartosz POL 525000 Montesino
26. Walch Matthias AUT 510000 Montesino
27. Philippitsch Markus AUT 470000 Bregenz
28. Masoudian Hesam AUT 325000 Montesino
29. Chalupka Pavel AUT 235000 Montesino
30. Markfelder Bernd AUT 165000 Montesino
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