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These are the best players from the CCC’s

The Concord Million 2019 has been running at full speed for several days. On the last day of November, poker players in all participating casinos throughout Austria had the opportunity to qualify for the grand final. This will take place from 7 to 9 December 2019 at the CCC Wien Simmering and the winner of the mega-event will be crowned.

No wonder that many poker fans flocked to the Concord Card Casinos to get the best possible starting position and thus many chips for the decision in Vienna.

CCC Wien Simmering

Day 1 at the CCC Wien Simmering was all about Silviu Nemes from Romania. He stormed to the top of the counts, only Andreas Heissenberger came dangerously close to him. Nemes also kept up the pressure on day 2 and is now in the final as solid chip leader.


Bence Szaszko took the lead on day 1 at the Montesino. Further starting days will take place on Thursday and Friday.

CCC Linz

After day 1, Robert Lenz got the most chips at the CCC Linz. Daniel Brunnmayr took charge on day 2 and even managed a multiple qualification.

CCC Salzburg

Thomas Sommerer was unbeatable on day 1 at the CCC Salzburg. Helmut Schott took the chip lead on day 2 and will go into the final as the best of the CCC Salzburg.

CCC Braunau

Reinhard Aigner qualified in the CCC Braunau for the decision of the Concord Million 2019 and was therefore the first chip leader at the start.

CCC Kufstein

Alex Calderas took the lead after day 1 at the CCC Kufstein. Mehmet Aslan got through day 2 as the best, and will now fly the flags of the CCC Kufstein in Vienna.

CCC Innsbruck

Bernhard Brida was unbeatable on day 1 at the CCC Innsbruck. Maximilian Hainzer replaced him on day 2. He collected the most chips in Innsbruck.

CCC Bregenz

One last day 1 direct will still take place at the CCC Bregenz on Thursday, 5 December. Then it will be clear who will travel to the grand final of the Concord Million 2019. Rajmund Erös was clearly ahead after day 1 on Saturday. The winner of the Concord Masters 2018 was just about to hit the Concord Million 2019. But it was not meant to be. Dennis Brutscher, on the other hand, is at the forefront and is currently in place three of the chip counts.

Who will nab the win?

After day 2 on Sunday, it is almost clear who from the federal states will be participating in the grand final of the Concord Million 2019. The last starting days will now take place almost exclusively in the poker casinos of Vienna.

From 7 to 9 December, the poker world will then look intently at the happening at the Concord Card Casino Wien Simmering, where the winner of the Concord Million 2019 will be crowned after a decisive three-day battle.

You can find all photos from the Concord Million in the photo gallery. The live broadcast by Andreas Lettmayer can be read about here.

Chip counts

Platz Familienname Vorname Land Casino Chipcount
1. Nemes Silviu RO CCC Simmering 5670000
2. Kristek David CZ CCC Simmering 3225000
3. Brutscher Dennis DE CCC Bregenz 2925000
4. Schleps Florian AT CCC Simmering 2415000
5. Györi Tamas HU CCC Simmering 2310000
6. Hainzer Maximillian AT CCC Innsbruck 1799000
7. Graf Manuel AT Alpha Graz 1752000
8. Brunnmayr Daniel AT CCC Linz 1736000
9. Ankucic Nebojsa AT CCC Simmering 1715000
10. Ramochandran Kisohkumar CH CCC Bregenz 1610000
11. Aigner Reinhard DE CCC Braunau 1390000
12. Beck Christian DE CCC Bregenz 1390000
13. Müller Martin AT CCC Simmering 1385000
14. Schott Helmut AT CCC Salzburg 1330000
15. Ulrich Elvedina DE CCC Braunau 1330000
16. Husic Elvis HR Cork, IE 1307000
17. Haselmayer Wilfried AT Betkings 1278000
18. Özkan Sari AT CCC Simmering 1230000
19. Cooper Jordan IE Cork, IE 1217000
20. Krüger Marcel DE CCC Simmering 1140000
21. Gollinger Günter DE CCC Bregenz 1120000
22. Hanusek Filip CZ CCC Simmering 1115000
23. Timmoneri Alessandro IT CCC Bregenz 1115000
24. Cassir Iuri RO CCC Simmering 1100000
25. Yalcin Mecit AT CCC Salzburg 1055000
26. Chalupka Pavel AT CCC Simmering 1045000
27. Aslan Mehmet DE CCC Kufstein 1040000
28. Isic Medin BA CCC Kufstein 1025000
29. Schramm Valentin DE CCC Kufstein 1015000
30. Laljek Domagoj HR Betkings 998000
31. Dauner Nikolai AT CCC Bregenz 960000
32. Capic Sasa BA CCC Linz 947000
33. Shrestha Dhundup DE CCC Bregenz 945000
34. Caldaras Alex DE CCC Kufstein 880000
35. Camodeca Antonio IT CCC Bregenz 850000
36. Graf Manuel AT CCC Simmering 850000
37. Yildirim Mahmut CH CCC Bregenz 850000
38. Petrov Martin BG CCC Innsbruck 821000
39. Courbin Nicolas FR CCC Simmering 770000
40. Lon Ondrej CZ CCC Simmering 770000
41. Fuchs Florian AT CCC Simmering 760000
42. Sancak Ersin AT CCC Simmering 760000
43. Dopplinger Roman AT CCC Simmering 745000
44. Bellaton Nicolas DE CCC Bregenz 740000
45. Brunnmayr Daniel AT CCC Braunau 715000
46. Mertlitsch Simon AT CCC Simmering 675000
47. Milenkovic Nebojsa RS CCC Simmering 655000
48. Özdengiz Ismail AT CCC Linz 655000
49. Schlögelhofer Wolfgang AT CCC Linz 648000
50. Langrock Sebastian DE CCC Simmering 640000
51. Möll Markus D. CH CCC Bregenz 635000
52. Nicu Daniel DE CCC Simmering 625000
53. Fetz Lucas AT Betkings 624000
54. Brida Bernhard AT CCC Innsbruck 619000
55. Ryan Patrick IE Cork, IE 607000
56. Prokic Nico AT CCC Simmering 555000
57. Subasic Fabio AT CCC Bregenz 555000
58. Karagöz Sercan AT CCC Linz 554000
59. Rauter Peter AT CCC Simmering 515000
60. Berisha Sherif XK CCC Braunau 505000
61. Ramusch Reto CH CCC Bregenz 495000
62. Tran Vuong TH CCC Salzburg 477000
63. Bartos Martin SL CCC Simmering 475000
64. Ornig Michael AT Alpha Graz 398000
65. Cerveny Ladislav SK CCC Simmering 365000
66. Istrate Claudius DE CCC Bregenz 360000
67. Komorny Jozef SK CCC Simmering 330000
68. Guem Martin AT CCC Innsbruck 316000
69. Becker Florian DE CCC Bregenz 310000
70. Huber Michael AT CCC Simmering 290000
71. Ganglbauer Markus AT CCC Simmering 265000
72. Rajkovic Adi AT CCC Simmering 185000
73. Dmytryshyn Oleh UA CCC Simmering 175000
74. Wrulich Martin AT CCC Simmering 170000
75. Magyar Istvan HU CCC Simmering 120000
76. Raschbauer Stefan AT CCC Simmering 45000
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