David Urban wins the Concord Million VI

Florian Schleps is runner up

1,816 entries, 254.50 re-entries and €1,035,250 in the pot. The Concord Million also impressed with a great balance in its sixth edition. The victory and a prize pot of €116,790 went to David Urban from Slovakia.

Poker players from innumerable countries competed again this year to participate in the mega event of the Concord Group. A huge total of €184,490 awaited the winner of the Concord Million VI.

203 participants, including Ana Marquez, Stefan Jedlicka, Sebastian Langrock, Erich Kollmann and Konstantinos qualified for the final at CCC Wien Simmering. After the first two final days, the best nine players were determined.

Martin Meciar entered the final as the leader with 13,905,000 chips, followed by David Yan with 11,440,000 and David Urban with 5,165,000 chips. After 30 minutes, Emil Lucac was eliminated in ninth place, closely followed by Oleksandr Lizanets in eighth place. Andreas Freund was the first of three Austrians to leave the final table and took seventh place. Thomas Schröpfer took sixth place, Jürgen Giselbrecht fifth place.

After that, the last four players in the tournament agreed on a deal. Chip leader Florian Schleps cashed €114,220, David Urban €106,790, Martin Meciar €92,440 and David Yan €89,050. A total of €10,000 remained in the pot and were played off.

Martin Meciar was the next to be eliminated and came fourth. David Yan took third place, with Florian Schleps from Austria and David Urban from Slovakia facing each other in the heads-up. There, David Urban came out on top after about of hour of play, he won the deciding hand with Jacks against Q-J from Schleps.

All the action from the final table was streamed live on the Internet on Monday. Many poker fans took advantage of this opportunity to follow the decider via stream. In the big Concord Million Competition the Livestream spectators had the chance to win a ticket for the European Tournament of Poker Event at the Montesino.

All photos from the final of the Concord Million VI can be found in our photo gallery.

The result

Platz Familienname Vorname Land Preisgeld
1 Urban David SVK 116790
2 Schleps Florian AUT 114220
3 Yan David NZL 89050
4 Meciar Martin SVK 92440
5 Giselbrecht Jürgen AUT 43000
6 Schröpfer Thomas GER 35500
7 Freund Andreas AUT 28500
8 Lizanets Oleksandr HUN 22000
9 Lucac Emil SVK 16000
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