Benjamin Mekinulow is the new Concord Masters chip leader

Approximately € 130,000 are already in the prize pool guaranteed at € 500,000

Yesterday, the first really big starting day of the Concord Masters 2019took place in Austria. Poker fans could start at the CCC's Wien Simmering, Innsbruck, Bregenz and Salzburg. In addition, there were again numerous phase 1 tournaments, which offer a favourable qualification for the top event.

A new chip leader

The most players entered at the CCC Wien Simmering. 83 participants, 22 re-entries and 17 Phase 1 participants took part. Thus, the previously accumulated prize money increased to € 129,276, the pot is guaranteed at € 500,000. 38 players could already qualify for the final at CCC Wien Simmering.

Yesterday also brought a change of leadership. Benjamin Mekinulow led the way with 2,150,000 chips, followed by Yang Wang with 2,090,000 and Benjamin Levit with 1,930,000 chips.

The programme today

Today, the next day 1 will start at 5 pm at the CCC's Wien Simmering, Linz and Bregenz, as well as at the Alpha Graz. The Concord Masters at CCC Kufstein will start at 6 pm.. Today, there will also be games abroad and namely day 1 at the Hotel Casino Paris Opatija in Croatia, at the Casino Finix Kulata in Bulgaria and at the Grand Casino Banja Luka.

A Turbo Phase 1 tournament will start already at noon at the CCC Wien Simmering.

You can find the entire action of the Concord Masters from CCC Salzburg in our live coverage by Andreas Lettmayer.

The photos of yesterday can be found in our photo gallery.

Chip counts and intermediate result

Platz Familienname Vorname Land Casino Chipcount
1. Mekinulow Benjamin GE CCC Simmering 2150000
2. Wang Yang AT CCC Simmering 2090000
3. Levit Benjamin AT Montesino 1930000
4. Patkovic Bosko BA CCC Simmering 1725000
5. Leichtfried Christian AT Montesino 1480000
6. Kelleher Alan IE Macau Cork 1415000
7. Kasalo Kristijan HR Diamond Zagreb 1395000
8. Gufler Dietmar IT CCC Innsbruck 1340000
9. Puntigam Andreas AT Montesino 1295000
10. Momcilovic Nenad AT CCC Bregenz 1240000
11. Buchsteiner Thomas AT CCC Salzburg 1225000
12. Huk Martin DE CCC Simmering 1195000
13. Matura Walter AT Montesino 1180000
14. Polakovic Lubos SK Montesino 1120000
15. Hirn Sascha CH CCC Bregenz 1115000
16. Kostic Dragutin DE CCC Bregenz 1040000
17. Dolsak Alen HR Diamond Zagreb 1005000
18. O'Donnell Patrick IE Macau Cork 988000
19. Devetakovic Dejan AT CCC Salzburg 980000
20. Juhasz Titanilla HU CCC Simmering 975000
21. Hainzer Max AT CCC Innsbruck 940000
22. Vettas Christos GR CCC Simmering 935000
23. Schleps Florian AT Montesino 890000
24. Hasenknopf Peter AT CCC Salzburg 860000
25. Chalupka Pavel AT Montesino 830000
26. Vychlopen Peter SK Montesino 825000
27. Shcheglov Demyan AT Montesino 765000
28. Schenk Andreas AT Montesino 750000
29. Zach Murman AT CCC Simmering 630000
30. Ronacher Manfred AT CCC Salzburg 600000
31. Würz Alexander AT CCC Simmering 585000
32. Ilavsky Martin SK Montesino 570000
33. Lehnert Niklas DE CCC Simmering 570000
34. O'Sullivan Con IE Macau Cork 478000
35. Wimmer Mario AT CCC Simmering 455000
36. Pollak Helmut AT CCC Simmering 455000
37. Schindlauer Karl AT CCC Simmering 440000
38. Vasik Benjamin AT Montesino 245000
Entries Phase 1 Entries Starttag Preispool
1658 313 129276
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