A Concord Masters full of records

Marek Krchnar nabs the victory

The Concord Masters VI is history For 15 days, the mega event dominated the tournament floor in ten poker casinos in Austria and seven casinos abroad. For the first time ever, poker fans could qualify for day 1 of the Concord Masters at the new partner of the Concord Group, Betkings.eu with an entry from $ 1.

Prize pool exceeded by almost 55%

Just a few days before the registration deadline, it emerged that the guaranteed amount of € 500,000 would this time also be exceeded significantly. And that is exactly what happened. The Concord Masters 2019 broke all records. Jointly responsible for this were numerous groups of poker player groups, who arrived specially from different European countries. Even from Israel, around 80 players took part, who did not want to miss the big event. Never before has such an international field started in Vienna.

After the end of the registration, an unbelievable € 774,360 was in the prize pool. But that’s not all, the event also celebrated a première. For the first time ever, the guaranteed amount of a CCC tournament of this size was already exceeded before the last starting day.

The rush thereby exceeded even the wildest expectations of the tournament management. € 100,130 were available for the winner, even the mincash still amounted to € 1.000. Once again, the organisers had a treat ready for particularly hard-working poker players. The double qualification was sweetened with a bonus of € 2,500. 20 participants accomplished this feat. Dan Semenscu even made it three times.

Live report from four casinos

The CCC live reporter Andreas Lettmayer went out and reported about the action at the tables from numerous CCC branches. His reports from Salzburg, Linz, Bregenz and Vienna were very popular with poker fans. The Cooks took care of the physical well-being of the many poker guests and served their delicacies.

Chiplead recorded the action in numerous videos from the Vienna poker casinos and Pokerfirma reported from Saturday in a live report from the CCC Wien Simmering.

The final of the top event itself again fulfilled all expectations. Excitement, action and great dramas alternate regularly at the tables of CCC Wien Simmering.

The decision

After day 2 there were still 20 players in the tournament. Marek Krchnar is leading the field into the Concord Masters final, followed by Konstantinos Nanos. The final table had already been reached at 5:30 pm. The two chip leaders at the start of the final, Krchnar and Nanos, along with Francesco Candelari, also went to the final table as favourites.

There, the action was all in the spirit of one man. Marek Krchnar from Slovakia dominated the day and his opponents and eliminated them one after the other. After a deal of the last three players in the tournament, he had already secured the largest share of the pot with € 85,000, and then, in the fight for the trophy, met Allan Kelleher from Ireland.

There, he prevailed in the decisive hand with top pair and thus also nabbed the victory at the Concord Masters 2019 at the CCC Wien Simmering.

The result

Place Winner Country Amount DEAL
1. Krchnar Marek SK 100130 85000
2. Kelleher Alan IE 63000 65000
3. Coone Brendan IE 42000 55130
4. Nanos Konstantinos DE 29000
5. Kucera Matus SK 22000
6. Candelari Francesco IT 17000
7. Arava Menachem IL 13000
8. Mijatovic Miso HR 10000
9. Wang Yang AT 8000
10. Gufler Dietmar IT 6000
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