Are there really branches that are open around the clock?      

Yes, the Concord Card Casino Wien Simmering and the Montesino are open around the clock, 365 days a year.

Do I have to bring ID?      

The safety of our guests and a fair game are our top priorities. For this reason, each new guest will be registered by our reception staff. Official photo identification (driving licence, ID card, passport) is required for this registration.

Is there a dress code at the CCC?      

In the CCC there are strict house rules, but no regulations regarding clothing. Ties and jackets are not a "must", casual yet neat clothing is also welcome.

Can I withdraw money with a credit or debit card?      

Yes, at our cash desk you can withdraw money with Austrian debit cards, as well as with Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club cards.

What games and limits are offered at the CCC?      

In principle, we offer any game and limit for which there are enough interested parties. (Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Deuce To Seven and Draw Poker – Limit, Pot Limit or No Limit are played)

Can I exchange foreign currencies?      

Yes, our cash desk staff are happy to exchange the most popular foreign currencies. You will find the current daily exchange rate on the board at the cash desk.

How can I register for a game?      

To take a seat at one of our cash game tables, please contact the floorman. They will accompany you to a free seat or put your name on the waiting list if there is no free seat.

What is a floorman?      

The floorman is the boss of the hall. He is responsible for all current cash game tables, he takes care of the waiting list and opens new tables if required. Should a mistake happen at one of the tables or ambiguity arise between players, he is immediately there with a competent and fair decision. The floorman's decision is final.

Where can I get chips?      

You can buy chips at the cash desk before the start of the game or directly at the table from our card dealers. You can also pay by debit or credit card.

Can I stop at any time?      

Yes, you are free to leave the table at any time with your chips.

Can I take chips or money from the table?      

No, out of fairness to the other players, you are not allowed to pocket chips or money from the table, or get up and return to the same table shortly afterwards with less money. Only after a minimum of three hours may you continue to play a game at the same table with a smaller amount.

How do I post a bet at the table?      

When it's your turn, you can either announce your action (check, call, bet raise or fold); this is the best variant for new players because it precludes misunderstandings.      

You can, of course, let the cards or chips speak for themselves. Pushing your cards towards the dealer means that you fold. Posting chips in the pot means that you lead, call or raise. If you want to raise, please announce this beforehand, or post all required chips in one move. Posting chips and then adding more chips is not permitted.      

Please always wait until it is your turn, even if you want to fold your cards. This prevents other players from gaining an unfair advantage.

Can I show my cards or talk about my cards during the game?      

No, showing your cards during the game to get a reaction from your opponents is not allowed and may lead to pot loss! Talking about your cards or the possible cards of others is also not allowed, unless you are heads-up (just you and one opponent), as you may influence one opponent to the detriment of another.

Can I take a companion to the table?      

As long as it doesn't disturb the person seated next to you, a companion may sit behind you. It is inappropriate for this person to look at any cards other than yours.

How do I register for a tournament?      

For our regular tournaments, you can simply register in the tournament area just before the tournament starts. For larger tournaments, it is also possible to register online on our website and transfer the buy-in.

When does the tournament registration open?      

Registration normally begins 30 minutes before the start of the tournament. For large tournaments, e.g. during a tournament week, registration opens one hour before the start of the tournament.

Can I choose my seat in a tournament?      

No, seats are allocated at random for a tournament.

What happens in a tournament?      

Each participant pays the buy-in and gets a seat. At the start, everyone has the same number of tournament chips. Depending on the type of tournament, it may be possible to buy more chips (rebuy) or it may not (freezeout).      

The aim of the tournament is to win all the chips. For this to happen in a foreseeable period, the blinds are increased at predetermined intervals. Seats that become vacant are filled by clearing tournament tables.

Can I stop at any time and cash my tournament chips?      

No, in contrast to a cash game, you cannot stop or take a break in a tournament because tournament chips have no monetary value, they only serve to determine the tournament winner.

How many places are paid out in a tournament?      

At least 10% of participants are always paid out. You can check how the prize money is distributed here.

What is a freezeout tournament?      

In a freezeout tournament, it is not possible to buy more chips. Anyone who doesn't have any chips is eliminated from the tournament.

What is a rebuy tournament?      

In a rebuy tournament, you can buy chips for a predetermined amount during a certain period of time (usually in the first three levels). Depending on the tournament, you have the possibility of one rebuy or as many as you like.

What is a re-entry tournament?    

In a re-entry tournament, players who have lost all their chips can buy back into the tournament again. However, this is only possible if tournament registration is still open. A player who makes a re-entry gets a new seat and starts with the full number of chips.

What is a satellite?      

With a satellite, you win starting places for a more expensive tournament instead of cash. The prize money divided by the buy-in for the target tournament gives the number of qualifications. The non-dividable prize money is paid out in cash.