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At the Concord Card Casinos, one highlight follows another. Whether big poker events, special promotions or culinary specials – we offer treats for every poker enthusiast!

I don't know any other place where so many people of different backgrounds, cultures or education meet together and laugh with one another - that always inspires me!
Uschi Martinek, tournament manager at CCC Wien Simmering
At the poker table, every one has the same chances, the same starting position, the same opportunities. Ultimately, the skills of each individual and his self-confidence decide the winner.
Gaby Sanejstra, dealer for TV Total Nacht
We don't just want to entertain you, we want to positively inspire you!
Karl Novak, COO Montesino Wien
I'd never cashed a win in Vienna before. Then I won the Concord Million and the WPT Warm Up within a short space of time. I couldn't be happier!
David Urban, winner of the Concord Million VI
Poker is by a far margin the only thing where I can really say from my heart: I want that at any rate, I want nothing else.
Jamila von Perger, Poker Pro
In the breaks during the shooting of the James Bond movie “Casino Royale” I´ve always played poker with Daniel Craig. He still “owes” me € 15. ;)
Andreas Daniel, James Bond Dealer und CCC Mitarbeiter
Worldwide, no other tournament is played in this form.
Concord Million tournament director, Johnny Luetkenhorst

Promotions and events

Here you can find all the offers of the Concord Card Casinos. We don't just offer poker tournaments for every budget, we offer lots of cash game promotions too. Simply play along and win one of our numerous jackpots and high hand promotions.

- | Montesino Wien

€ 50,000 Birthday Edition

Prize money: € 50,000 guaranteed

Buy-in: € 90


- | partypoker Grand Prix

The partypoker Grand Prix Austria

Prize money: € 500,000 guaranteed

Buy-in: € 115


- | Wien-Simmering

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Would you like to play tournaments for free?

| Concord Million

The Concord Million VII

Prize money: € 1,000,000 guaranteed

Buy-in: € 550


| Concord Million

Play and Enjoy

The Concord Million Burger is free on starting days!

| Concord Million

The Finals

2 to 04 December 2017

CCC Wien Simmering

| Concord Million

€ 4,000 Bonus

Qualify twice and rake in the money

| Concord Million

Qualify and start online

Get cheap tickets on partypoker and start online

| Montesino Wien

30 VIP players wanted

€ 1,500 per month, raffle with prizes at the value of € 2,000 + 3 drinks free per day

| partypoker Grand Prix


Buy-In only possible through a partypoker account

| partypoker Grand Prix

Win a Caribbean Poker Party Package

Secure the Golden Chip and play along

- | Montesino Wien

Bounty on President

Prize money: € 3,000 guaranteed

Buy-in: €30


- | Montesino Wien

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- | Wien-Simmering

NLH Shorthanded

Prize money: € 1,000 guaranteed for 1st place

Buy-in: €40


| Wien-Simmering

Monsterstack Turbo

Prize money: € 800 guaranteed for 1st place

Buy-in: € 35


| Montesino Wien

High Hands - Straight Flush

Win up to € 2,000

- | Montesino Wien

Midnight Highhand - Grab the Pot!

Determine your win

- | Montesino Wien

PLO Specials

Win around the clock!


The great tournaments and cash games of the Concord Card Casinos bring poker fans from around the world to our poker casinos. Win or lose, here you will find the best stories straight from the poker table.

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